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Wheelchair And Help-step Market To Meet The ''high Speed Growth Era''
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Population ageing is unstoppable, and in many developing countries the elderly population accounts for 10% of the total population, while the proportion of older people in northern Europe and western Europe is about 20%. The elderly due to stroke, leg disease and other causes of walking ability to reduce or lose a lot. The Wheelchair Industry Association of the United States predicted that the next 10 years, the global wheelchair, stepper products will usher in a "high-speed growth era."

Wheelchair demand continues to increase

The wheelchair market has continued to grow over the past 50 years. As global ageing intensifies and the incidence of stroke continues to remain high, wheelchair demand is increasing. Among them, the European and American countries slow growth in wheelchair demand, the elderly in these countries to buy wheelchairs can be reimbursed through health care;

Materials tend to be lightweight

The wheelchair can be divided into two types: manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair. The early ordinary carbon steel control wheelchair price is low, still has a certain market, but because of bulky, inconvenient to carry, its market demand and production decrease year by day.   In recent years, manufacturers in the wheelchair material has moved a lot of brains, some of the use of lightweight materials (such as thin stainless steel tube, aluminum-stainless steel composite pipe, aluminum alloy tube, titanium pipe and engineering plastics-metal composite pipe, etc.) made of wheelchairs are favored by the market. The electric wheelchair also develops in the direction of light, more flexible operation, and light can also make electric wheelchair more power-saving. A British company has developed an electric wheelchair with a weight of only 6.3 kg, which can be raised by the elderly and children. The product can be disassembled into two parts, thus saving storage space, but it is expensive (nearly 2600 pounds per unit price). And the advent of longevity lithium battery, so that the short discharge time and very cumbersome lead-acid batteries gradually fade out of the electric wheelchair power market.

Manual wheelchairs are still popular

The advantage of the manual wheelchair is that the structure is firm, the maintenance is simple and the price is low; in contrast, electric wheelchairs are more expensive and difficult to repair. According to the United States Wheelchair Industry Association statistics, manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs in the international market sales ratio of 49:51.   In developed countries, wheelchairs are included in the coverage of medical coverage, so there are more electric wheelchair buyers, while developing country consumers tend to prefer relatively inexpensive manual wheelchairs. The Wheelchair Industry Association of the United States believes that with the development of lightweight manual wheelchairs, the manual wheelchair market will be a decent performance. 2011, the Global manual wheelchair market total sales of 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the same period of the total wheelchair market sales of 33%. It is expected that by 2018, the global manual wheelchair market sales will reach 2.9 billion ~31 billion, plus the sales of electric wheelchairs, both cumulative will be more than 10 billion U.S. dollar mark, the current international wheelchair market sales of about twice times.

China's wheelchair production has a great advantage, but the value-added products are not high, the domestic wheelchair manufacturers should pay close attention to the international electric Wheelchair, manual wheelchair, stepper and other products development trends, and strive to launch by the international market welcome new products.