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What's The Problem With Walking In The Future? Yes, It's A Walking Aid. It Will Lead People Who Cannot Walk Easily To The Path Of Hope
- Jun 05, 2018 -

It is well known that many will happen in patients with hemiplegia after stroke, doctors usually require these patients from 500 ~ 1000 steps on foot every day, the purpose is to prevent the lower limb muscle atrophy and even complete loss of ability to walk.

Since the 1980s, manufacturers in developed countries such as the United States have developed mobility -aid products that help people with hemiplegia walk. Listed on the first step to help under the machine is a kind of stainless steel equipment has 4 wheels, in which patients can stand to hold the instrument, if tired, also can step in to help implement the rest to sit on the board. This kind of stepper design is reasonable, the structure is simple, each country yield is bigger. In order to adapt to rehabilitation training for patients with low stroke degree, foreign manufacturers have also developed a foot/electric dual rehabilitation vehicle that can be used for both foot riding and battery driven. This kind of rehabilitation car is very popular in western countries such as the United States.

A big advantage in a wheelchair production in our country, but not high value-added products, production enterprises should pay close attention to the international domestic wheelchair, manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair step such as product development trends, to launch new products welcomed by the international market.