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Walker Is Also A Kind Of Walker
- Jan 29, 2018 -

With the aging of society becoming more and more obvious, the health of the elderly, the life of the elderly more and more attention by society. As the saying goes, "people old legs first old", the old man's legs are not flexible, in life there will be a lot of inconvenience. Improve the old man's feet and feet, to help the elderly walk easily and freely. Is our primary concern for the health of the elderly. The elderly walker, small and practical, in helping the elderly to go for a walk at the same time, the greatest extent to solve the elderly walking tired pain. Use the product after the old people will feel very relaxed walking, walking fitness while enjoying walking happiness! Send gifts to health, honor their parents to send "old-help-line device." The health of the old is the greatest blessing of our children. I wish all the elderly healthy and happy in this world!

Walking device

Walker, also known as The walking frame, is another common walker. It is generally made of aluminum alloy material, is a three-sided (front and left and right sides) of the metal frame, itself is very light, can protect patients in which, some also with casters. The walker can support weight to stand or walk, its bearing area is big, therefore the stability is good. There are several main types:

(i) Type of Walker

1, fixed type commonly used to reduce the load on one side of the lower limb, such as lower extremity injury or fracture is not allowed to load, at this time both hands lift both sides of the handrail at the same time forward on the ground instead of a foot, and then the legs up.

2, interactive type small, no wheel feet, adjustable height. When used, move the side forward first, then move the remaining side forward, and move forward alternately. The utility model is suitable for the patients with low limb muscular strength or the elderly, whose advantage is that the toilet is also very convenient.

3, the front wheel type for the upper limb muscle strength difference, one side or the entire lift Walker has the difficulty, at this time the front wheel ground, lifts the Walker hind foot to push can walk.

4, the elderly with the car with the above three different, there are four wheels, easy to move, do not hand control, but the forearm flat on the washer forward. This car is suitable for walking unstable elderly, but the use should be careful to protect the body and the ground perpendicular, otherwise easy to slip.

5, the Axillary support type Walker by two armpits support weight and walk, has four casters, the volume is biggest, uses in the upper limb muscle strength poor person.

6, the single side of the Walker is very stable, suitable for patients with hemiplegia or four foot cane is still not stable, the disadvantage is that the four-legged cane weight.