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The Use Of Walking AIDS Has Ushered In A New Era For The Elderly
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Before using a walking frame, it is important to check that it is set at the correct height. When the elbows are very slightly bent. This Angle is the best position for weight bearing. The height of the frame should be correct too. If the frame is too high, It is about to straighten out the elbows and the walking frame will not take the enough body weight

Through the arms. The arms will become very tired quickly.

A walking frame which is set too low is also bad for the patient. If the walking frame is too low, the person using it will be bent over in A poor posture.

Physiotherapists set up a walking frame at a low height. This is to help people who tend to fall backwards. The lower height encourages them to lean forward instead.

There is a proper way to walk with a walking frame. The walking frame should be closed and moved slightly in front of The person They take two steps of equal length into the centre of the frame.