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The United States Has Warned Against Drowning In Child Bathtubs, Chairs And Buckets
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Washington - many families have drowned children. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths among children between the ages of one and four. As a result, the us consumer product safety commission (CPSC) warned parents and caregivers to prevent children from drowning.

A new the CPSC about bathtub, bucket bath chair and toilet, and other products in family of drowning and non-fatal drowning reports indicate that from 2006 to 2010, 684 accidents involving children under the age of five. Of those, 434 died (an average of 87 per year), 233 were injured and 17 had no known injuries.

Eighty-two percent of victims are under two years old, and 81 percent of accidents involve bathtubs or bath-related products. In addition to swimming pools, bathtubs are the second leading cause of drowning in children. The CPSC analysis also found that 92 percent of accidents occurred in homes.

The CPSC's safety recommendations for preventing drowning include:

Do not leave children alone around water or water buckets and baths. Even small amounts of liquid can cause children to drown.

When a child is in the tub, make sure he is within reach. If you want to leave, please take the children with you.

Do not leave the baby or child in the tub while being cared for by another child.

Don't leave buckets of water, even small amounts, outside. The baby's heavy head makes it easy to fall into a bucket and drown. Empty the bucket after use and store it away from children. Don't leave the bucket outside where rainwater can be collected.

Consider locking the toilet seat to prevent children from entering the bathroom.