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The Old Portable Toilet ,doesn't Bother The Toilet Too Much
- Jun 06, 2018 -

     For old people, especially the ability to walk is not convenient, go to the bathroom will be difficult, so many to help the old man go to the bathroom equipment, one of them is the old man portable toilet that can move, convenient old man you don't have to walk far.

    Portable toilet and common toilet biggest distinction is ok move, can put in bedside or carry out, realize close-up use. There is a sewage box inside the toilet, which can be lifted out for cleaning, simple and convenient. The sewage tank is designed to be sealed, effectively preventing the spread of peculiar smell.

    The material of portable toilet of average household old person has environmental protection plastic or stainless steel, these two kinds of material are comparative environmental protection, have no peculiar smell. Because the quality of plastic, make work difference is bigger, cause price is differ, cheap can be bought in 100 yuan less than, and high-grade stainless steel needs 2000 yuan above highest. Portable toilet and common toilet are the same on exterior design, the choice of detail modelling also has a lot of, more delicate meeting restore closestool style. According to the shape of the user, you can choose the toilet of different sizes and the capacity of the sewage tank. According to the old man's action, the basic set up anti-skid, at ordinary times can put in the old man activity area, or placed on the bed at night, can let the old man nocturia more convenient, out of the door also can carry. Now portable toilet can also be removed dirt box, will be in the home is a squat toilet, into a sit-down toilets, let old people go to the toilet more simple, long crouching less body or security issues.

     In use process should pay attention to portable toilet cannot be inverted, when moving the movement wants light, not too rude, be careful not to by the sharp objects to the surface of the toilet, placed in a place away from direct sunlight. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to the regular cleaning of the sewage box, although the sealing is good, but a long time will not deal with odor, also difficult to clean. If you don't clean it with water, you can clean it with a matching brush, the same as a regular toilet, or with any existing non-toxic deodorant.

    For day-to-day operation inconvenient or living areas with poor sanitation old man, the old man portable toilet is a good choice, can not only meet the demand of normal toilet, can also have mobile compound such as the use of certain people.