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The Octogenarian Sells Vegetables To Add A Bath Chair To His Tetraplegic Son
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Yu zhaobin, 83, feeds his 60-year-old son in an old house in ruxi village, xiqiao town. Five years ago, his eldest son died of illness, leaving behind three teenagers. Yu felt much weaker than before, unable to give his son a bath, hoping to have a bath chair for his son.

Born into a peasant family, yu had little money to study and spent his childhood showing people fish ponds. When his father died at the age of 16, the family's responsibilities gradually fell to yu zhaobin. At the age of 23, the arrival of the younger son was both a joy and a sadness for the family. The son was diagnosed with tetraplegia after birth and could not stand as a teenager.

Yu zhaobin said he had sought treatment from a private doctor, but the result was not only ineffective, but also his son's eyes were blinded. "I tried to buy him a bath chair, but I couldn't afford it." Yu says he now scrubbing his son's body with a wet towel every day.

He used to get up at dawn and head to the four-acre fish pond where he took care of it. "It's a job that relatives help you find. You can earn some money every month, and you can move on." Yu said he would watch the fish pond regardless of the sun and the wind.

Now, because his health is not as good as it used to be, Mr. Yu cannot continue his job as a fish pond keeper, and his family has lost hundreds of yuan of income. In addition to caring for his son and grandson, Mr. Yu also cultivates the last part of his family's land, "all for growing vegetables and selling it to supplement his family's needs."

Yu wants to give his son a bath chair to solve the problem. But every time I think about my family's financial situation, the old man says that he can't export it and wants to fulfill his wish by selling his own vegetables.