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The Medical Device Industry Welcomes Major Good News
- Aug 11, 2018 -

The Medical Device Industry Welcomes Major Good News

Along with the economic and social all-round development and progress, in order to maintain and safeguard the public health of body and mind health as the core of service industry is becoming an important part of the emerging industries, reform deepening, such word, health care, system gradually into the public's field of vision, ordinary people to enjoy the high quality of medical services expected increases.

To strengthen the management of medical device testing institutions, the standard of medical equipment examination work, in accordance with the deployment of the state council, the combination of medicine and health care system reform, promoting the healthy development of social do medical conducive to expanding domestic demand, livelihood and the development of modern service industry.At present, the situation that medical inspection and testing institutions are monopolized by state-owned institutions is expected to change, and there will be opportunities for third-party testing institutions and medical devices with cost-effective advantages.Industry forecasts, consolidation medical examination institutions reform medical examination institutions monopoly situation could change by the state-owned institutions, private detection, and the third party test market will have great opportunities.

The upcoming issue of institutional integration is the elaboration and implementation of the decision.General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine slurry sampling plan of science and technology in a competing show, said liu, the thinking inspection examination organization integration, according to the requirement of the institution of the state council reform and function change, fully embody the spirit of the reform of public institutions, classification established in accordance with the integration of public welfare government inspection and testing institutions and business society the examination institution two team consists of guiding ideology and "specialization, collectivization integration, market-oriented operation, internationalization development" direction.

The integration of medical inspection and testing institutions provides the necessary technical guarantee for ensuring medical and health security, which is the concrete embodiment of people's livelihood.In recent years, new medical devices regulations, guidelines, and continuous occupation standard come on stage, it is easy to feel from the national level for medical device regulatory constantly adjust and improve the content and methods.With the progress of the overall medical reform in China, as an important part of the medical and health industry, the medical device technology also faces new opportunities and challenges.

It is worth noting that, compared with the past, this time, it is particularly proposed to explore the establishment of regional inspection and inspection centers by means of public construction, private public assistance, etc., which are open to all medical institutions.This is a good opportunity for social medical services to expand their development space.According to industry analysis, under the background of deepening medical informatization, regional inspection and inspection centers are becoming a trend, which is of great significance to promoting the vertical flow of high-quality medical resources.This reform will be a major policy boon for the ongoing integration of inspection, testing and certification bodies.

Under the new situation, how to make good use of the existing testing and testing resources to meet the needs of the rapid development of the medical device industry has become a common topic of thinking with the public.It is expected that in the near future, China's drug and medical device testing market will take on a new pattern.High-end medical equipment is not only regarded as the development target of emerging industries, but also recognized as a key breakthrough field.

As the national policy support for the domestic medical equipment industry, as well as the improving of the enterprise independent innovation consciousness, the continuous improvement of technical level, obtained the rapid development of domestic medical device market, has sprung up a batch of products and services leading leading enterprises.New policies and new opportunities have promoted the pursuit of quality of domestic medical brands, which is conducive to the development of innovative, large-scale and international enterprises.At the same time, China's medical device market has a huge growth space.

2017 is a milestone year in the development of domestic medical devices.As the medical equipment industry monopolized by the import brands represented by GPS for a long time, domestic brands have reached an unprecedented market share.On the one hand, thanks to the investment of domestic brands in product research and development in recent years, some domestic medical device brands have surpassed the same type of imported equipment in product performance and after-sales service.On the other hand, the whole society has been increasingly vocal in supporting the development of domestic medical devices.

With the accelerating the aging of the population, the improvement of people's living standards, and gradually promote new diagnostic technology, end demand for medical devices industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, the policy support to encourage areas, especially has the ability to implement import substitution of domestic medical device companies, will have great development space in the future.

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