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The Internet And Healthcare Boom Will Begin
- Jun 22, 2018 -

From exploring the road in wuzhen to trying new things in large public hospitals, from the unprecedented upsurge of Internet hospitals across the country to the quiet period, China's Internet hospitals have experienced a baptism of wind and rain in their new business model.High-level inspections and state council policies in the last two months have given the industry's "newborn babies" a name and incentive.

The development of any new formats will not plain sailing, and truly valuable innovation will be time to choose, to complete the upgrade from exploration, to the specification, the Internet "in love" with the health, also has had a remarkable history.

On December 7, 2015, the country's first Internet hospital, wuzhen hospital, the birth of the Internet rely on offline entity hospital, created a large-scale online on prescription, online appointment, remote consultation and a series of integrated innovation.General secretary in the theme of the second world assembly on the Internet address mentioned, wuzhen online hospital, the wisdom of tourism is the epitome of the development of Internet innovation, vividly embodies the concept of global Internet sharing.

The Internet hospital started the process of weaving its web across the country.In the following year and more, the Internet hospital model of wuzhen broke the business "fence" of traditional hospitals and completed the implementation of offline hospitals in 19 provinces.Under the effect, in 2016, the national caused a massive wave of Internet construction of hospital, public hospitals choose to cooperate with the third party platform construction in hospital: Internet 3 armour hospital "hospital" ZheYi the Internet Internet, central hospital in wuhan city "wuhan city central hospital network hospital" and yinchuan wisdom Internet hospital, etc.As of November 2016, there were 36 Internet hospitals in China.

Due to network synergies, wuzhen Internet hospital formed in the course of exploring a around coverage before diagnosis, diagnosis, online and offline integration after diagnosis in medical service mode, set up the connection the hospital medical network in the country.As of May 2018, wuzhen and micro medical platform connecting Internet hospital hospital more than 1, 2700, expert team of more than 7400 groups, 240000 doctors opened online office, accepts a quantity of more than 60000 person-time, accepts the scale is far more than any one individual hospital.

The spread of the Internet hospital, let more hospitals become the Internet hospital, traditional marriages the island effect of the hospital, to realize the coordination of medical services, medical data, the hospital service radius and collaboration efficiency has the improvement.Guangdong hospital, huashan hospital, Beijing tiantan hospital, four academy of sichuan province and gansu province 2 hospital and so on more than three comprehensive and specialized subject hospital access wuzhen Internet platform, under the training of the large-scale business flow, data flow, wuzhen hospital Internet platform from the original single Internet hospital become a piece of the Internet network, to complete the integration system, resource and operation.

Take root offline, from a web to a platform

In the new round of deepening the goal of medical reform, the establishment of hierarchical medical treatment system has become the most important.According to the requirements of the state, different regions should gradually form a hierarchical pattern of primary consultation, two-way referral, prompt and slow separation, and linkage of diagnosis and treatment from top to bottom.Medical consortium is regarded as a key means to promote the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment and to connect medical resources and health data.

In April 2017, the general office of the state council on promoting the construction of medical association and the development of guidance "requirements, the couplet of tertiary public hospital should all participate in the medical building and play a leading role in comprehensive reform pilot provinces each cities and grading treatment pilot cities built at least one has obvious effect of medicine.

Medical couplet body up and down is the nature of medical resources, its core is the resource and data connections, couplet of medical can gradually break between institutions at various levels in financial investment, health care payment, personnel management, as well as the barriers, resource sharing and business collaboration together.The medical institutions connected by Internet hospitals, as well as the integrated high-quality medical resources, are the source of the ability of medical consortium to export to the grass-roots level.

The Internet hospital platform has received an unprecedented policy boost.From the point of wuzhen Internet hospital model, established in the early focus on online appointment and consultation service, make it as an open platform, and large hospital primary-care can form the effective complementary and be around to realize hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of gripper.

"Internet hospital + medical association has become the ultimate way to realize graded diagnosis and treatment."The idea, put forward by Dr. Liao jieyuan, the founder of micromedicine at the end of 2016, is now being tested.Through output by the remote diagnosis, remote diagnosis, remote referral, remote training, cloud records, inspection of cloud, and cloud for settlement of pharmacy of eight subsystems of couplet of medical platform, regional central hospital, town hospitals and grassroots health service center, formed a business collaboration between drugstore, with the help of a remote consultation, two-way referral, online training, construction of subject building, health care data, an information interconnection, resources sharing, the business of couplet of synergy of regional medical implements the ground.

The evolution process of Internet hospital is not only a process of game between policy and market, but also a process of elimination of industry model by market itself.In this three years, the market to try different Internet hospital model, some rise, sometimes silence, this let more hospital medical institutions for Internet formats have a clear thinking and rational choice.