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Step-aid Equipment In The Ascendant
- Jan 30, 2018 -

As we all know, many stroke patients will have hemiplegia, doctors will usually require these patients to adhere to the daily walk 500~1000 step, in order to prevent lower extremity muscle atrophy or even complete loss of walking ability. Since the 80 's, manufacturers in developed countries such as the United States have developed steps to help hemiplegic patients to exercise their walking ability (mobility-aid products). The first listed stepper is a kind of 4个万 to the wheel of stainless steel equipment, patients can stand in which the device to carry out, if walking tired, but also in the help of the Board on the bench to rest. The design of the stepper is reasonable, the structure is simple, and the output of each country is larger. In order to adapt to the patients with lesser stroke, the foreign manufacturers also developed a pedal/electric dual-purpose rehabilitation vehicle which can be used for both feet and battery-driven. This kind of rehabilitation car in the United States and other Western countries are very popular.