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Is There An Unlimited Potential For Rehabilitation Equipment?
- Jan 30, 2018 -

First, the domestic rehabilitation equipment investment is obviously insufficient. Although the demand for rehabilitation equipment has grown rapidly, the number of domestic large-scale rehabilitation equipment production enterprises is small, compared with the United States and Germany, there is still a big gap. This shows that the development of rehabilitation equipment industry in China is promising.

The development of an industry can not be separated from the input of the State, the cultivation of talents, the coordination of sales and production and the support of policy. Chen Yawei said that China's rehabilitation equipment in the field of national standards, industry standards, facilities standards are very complete, rehabilitation equipment standardization system has been basically established, but how to develop rehabilitation equipment in the high-end market, improve the development capacity of the Government, enterprises need to work together.

Improve the utilization rate of rehabilitation equipment, increase human and financial investment, but also should increase the popularity of popular science propaganda. The number of elderly people and people with disabilities is huge, but the potential energy accumulated by these factors will be the kinetic energy to promote the development of rehabilitation instruments. Acceptance of the product, purchasing ability is also the user to buy rehabilitation equipment constraints. "Only from the commercial point of view, market segmentation may bring the rapid development of rehabilitation equipment, such as the delivery of postpartum, postoperative rehabilitation equipment."

Rehabilitation equipment to achieve large-scale development, the government, charities, NGOs, investment in other areas of advanced technology transfer, Popular science education, the implementation of all levels of work need to be carried out. The potential of rehabilitation equipment is unlimited!