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Is The Old Man Using A Manual Wheelchair Or An Electric Wheelchair?
- Jan 30, 2018 -

The electric wheelchair has, the operation is simple, the labor saving worry, saves the guardianship manpower and so on the characteristic, he expands the manual wheelchair the function, for the wheelchair person's life has increased the broader life activity scope. If the elderly people are not very big, life and a certain degree of self-care ability, at the same time the physical fitness is good, clear mind, hands control ability and strength are good, so the crowd is best hanging hand-portable wheelchair, cost-effective, and generally can meet the needs of life, if economic conditions allow, Simple and portable electric wheelchairs are also a good choice.

If the old man cannot stand, it is best to choose detachable handrails, with the guardianship of the hands of the wheelchair, the Guardian daily care of the elderly living, diet, physical excretion and so on is very convenient; for the mind is clear, the hands of the more sensitive elderly, life in a wheelchair basically can take care of themselves, or life is difficult Accompany the Guardian to take care of the elderly around the old person, or hope to walk inside and outside the room, and get a bigger and wider circle of activities this time the choice of manual or manual electric dual-purpose electric wheelchair is the most suitable.

The load-bearing frame of the manual wheelchair is a double crossover, the center of gravity can be concentrated to the middle position, the market double cross iron wheelchair is very rare. (Pu large wheel section) 500,000 times wear-resistant test solid PU tires, wear resistance and shock resistance than the market on the light tires and PVC much better. There is no need to inflate. Engineering Plastic wheel ring material for nylon glass fiber, the more used more firmly. Never break. A large round that is the highest cost in the market. At present, most of the big round exports are out of the US market. Foot position can be adjusted high and low, the market is relatively rare. Surface treatment is the use of environmental protection of high-temperature powder paint. Surface treatment through nine processes to ensure that the product is not easy to paint off.