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How To Deal With The Cargo Delay
- Apr 14, 2018 -

For the delivery date,I think it is very important for the customer,espcially the seasonal items and promotion items,because orginally the order was urgent, but can not deliver the goods in time,it will affect the business of customer,however the business is not good,how can we get the orders?

Because the customer have a selling time in their local market.so although we are talking about how to solve the gap with the customer if the cargo is delayed,but I must tell everyone that we should avoide the "cargo delay" problem,so as not to bring the trouble and loss to the customer, in this case we also loss too much,because the customer maybe turned away due to the unsatisfied in this order and look for the other supplier as their partner.

But we can not promise 100% that the delivery time will not delay in every order,so we should think about,how should we do once this problem happened.This is the core topics that we are talking today.

In spite of the reson,only about the customer,we can devide two kind of type(1.New customer  2.Old customer),it is neccesary to devide? Of course yes,the reason is simply,because your relation ship is different.

Old customer:

  1. Many times cooperated,know each other very well,have a basic of trust.

  2. Exist the viscosity,high tolerance,provide the solution,easy to accept.

  3. Order is stable,not easy to search a new partner.

  4. Good relationship,easy to understand.

New customer:

  1. First cooperated,lack the trust.

  2. No exist the viscosity,how tolerance,easy to burst once problem happen,worry about money and goods.

  3. The first order is not good,will change the supplier anytime.

  4. The relationship is not so good,difficult to understand.

Whatever the new or old customer,we have to reassure them,tell why this problem happened,and provide some method to solve the problem for their reference. 

For the new customer,we can buy from the peer,and don't tell to customer and ship to them,due to have no cooperation before,so they will not compare the goods,only make sure the quality is good.

For the old customer,as we cooperated many times,they also know all about us,we can not buy from peer,because diffrent factory have diffrent products even though not too much,it may trigger the new problem,so we should search the solution from ourselves, for example,you can ship them the other customer's same goods that not urgent.

If the irresistible factors,we should reassure the customer,and tell them that it is cause by the over-all situation,we have no idea,hope they can understand,we will try to solve and produce soon.

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