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How Do People With Disabilities And Their Families Participate In Rehabilitation Training?
- Jan 30, 2018 -

First of all, we should support and understand the disabled emotionally, so that they feel the love and attachment of family and friends, and timely guide the disabled's adverse psychological reactions, such as guilt, anxiety, disappointment and so on, to help enhance the confidence and courage to overcome disability. Because, only in the healthy, good psychological conditions of rehabilitation, training effect may be the most ideal and effective.
Because people with disabilities know the disabled best, it is also the most faithful and reliable supervision, guardianship and auxiliary trainer in the whole process of rehabilitation training, so we should actively cooperate with and participate in medical rehabilitation personnel to set up rehabilitation objectives, carry out rehabilitation assessment, implement rehabilitation training plan, and learn as much as possible about the medical and disability-related medicine, Rehabilitation theoretical knowledge and training skills, if available, preferably with professional training guidance in order to master the correct rehabilitation training methods, techniques, and help the disabled in the family and community for long-term rehabilitation.
People with disabilities should also learn to observe some of the common conditions of disability and disability changes, in the training once found abnormalities, should be timely analysis of causes and report to the rehabilitation personnel to avoid changes in certain conditions, but not timely report, treatment and lead to increased disability and accidents, such as cerebral vascular disease sequelae again occurs cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage and so on. In addition, in assisting rehabilitation personnel to carry out rehabilitation training, we should be patient and meticulous, can not be anxious, should adjust the training speed, to ensure the training effect. In particular, it is important to draw attention to the importance of safety measures in training and to ensure that the special rehabilitation facilities used by persons with disabilities in the home must be firmly established and approved by rehabilitation personnel to prevent persons with disabilities from falling and accidents during training.