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Europe Has Introduced Smart Walking AIDS To Help Elderly People Walk
- Jun 06, 2018 -

On June 1, according to The website of science and technology The Verge, European researchers are for a new high-tech help line device Friendly Robot Walker (also called FriWalk) test, Fri Walk can not only help users to Walk independently, also have facial expression recognition function, users can be more effectively detected The surrounding environment, to provide users with help of cognitive and emotional. Physiological reason for decline in the elderly due to physical decline, muscle strength, walking becomes gradually slow, so one can assist the elderly to walk and life help line device is necessary, and this smartphone walker FriWalk happens to meet this demand.

Walk in to provide users with auxiliary, on the basis of FriWalk built-in camera, sensors can be used to monitor the user's gait and mood, is it dangerous to test users around the ground, obstacles or other users, through facial expression recognition, records the heart rate, and other functions to provide analysis results for users of the recovery process, and can serve as a personal trainer, according to the user's interest to customize the corresponding activities. The multi-function FriWalk helper is designed to encourage the elderly to move around more and enrich social activities.

Developers will be according to the accumulated data in the whole process to form a "physical social information network", which users can interact with other users and according to the hobby for corresponding exercise and social activities. Next year, 100 older people are scheduled to be invited to test the device in Spain, Italy and the UK.