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Domestic Support Line Industry
- Jan 29, 2018 -

With the development of science and technology, the growing standard of living, we are surrounded by more and more elderly people with disabilities and handicapped friends in the use of the Help-line device, we know that the domestic first walker is a crutch, and now the universal sense of the Walker is introduced from the west, compared to some excellent Walker products abroad, There are some slight differences in the domestic help-line device, which is briefly described below.

First, the product details of the design gap, the lack of human considerations. For example, some hand-held shape of the help-line, the design of the relatively rigid, used up very uncomfortable, and some products do not fully and adequately consider in the use of the force and buffering situation, so that users use it very laborious, but also easy to fatigue.

2nd, by the economic level of the constraints, high-tech product research and development speed is slow. At present, domestic producers mainly produce some low technology and the use of electric trolley is not universal.

In short, the development of the domestic disabled helper and the design and production is not mature enough, the experience of the designers and producers of the helper is still shallow, but, compared to the past has made long-term progress, we should make full use of domestic and foreign resources to develop better, more scientific products to help more people rehabilitation treatment.