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Analysis On The Survey Report Of Manual Wheelchair Application Crowd
- Jan 30, 2018 -

35% of the users of manual wheelchairs are lower extremity disabilities and upper limb able-bodied persons, this part of the population can operate the wheelchair independently of the small scope of action, compared to their self-care ability is also relatively good for many people with disabilities, 18% of users belong to high paraplegia patients, self-care ability needs family care; 17% The upper and lower extremities of the patients had different degrees of deficiency; the remaining 30% of the users were not physically disabled, and were injured and rehabilitated, suffering from special illnesses and elderly persons.

From the age level, the use of manual wheelchairs in China mainly focused on the elderly 60 years old, they accounted for 45%. Second, the 40-60-year-old users, who are generally the backbone of the family, work pressure is greater, or because of too much pressure to cause physical disease, or because of accidents caused by physical disability, in the age level accounted for 25%. The 20-40-Year-old was largely accidentally responsible for 20% per cent of the remaining minors or 10% per cent of the population due to genetic diseases or accidents.

Through the above analysis of the use of manual wheelchair, I believe that we have a basic understanding of those who use manual wheelchairs more, the future of the 30 China's aging problem will be aggravated, the demand for manual wheelchairs also has a broader space for improvement. Of course, we also want to see this report is only a user analysis, and a lot of people because of all kinds of wheelchair users do not use the wheelchair, how can we effectively mobilize social resources for more people to benefit, this is our deep thinking.