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Ali Health Announced The Hk $10.6 Billion Acquisition Of Tmall Medical Devices And Other Categories To Expand Its Business Scope
- Jun 06, 2018 -

       The government's policy support has promoted the improvement of the independent research and development level of China's medical device industry, and cultivated a number of excellent national enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.Although there is still a certain technical level gap between domestic medical device manufacturers and foreign famous enterprises, the gap is gradually narrowing.Domestic production enterprises compared with foreign enterprise production cost advantages, product price is relatively low, under the condition of the technology gap is narrowing, domestic medical device is accelerating replace imported medical equipment product market share, and gradually infiltrated the high-end market.


  • The policy promotes the one-time use of consumables

        In March 2014, promulgated by the state council of the medical devices supervision and administration of medical devices is to point to directly or indirectly for human instrument, equipment, instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibration, materials, and other similar or related items, including computer software that is needed.

          Utility is obtained primarily through physical means, not pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic, or, although these are involved, only auxiliary.

          The purpose is to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or relieve the disease.Diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, remission or functional compensation for injury;Examination, substitution, regulation or support of physiological structures or physiological processes;The support or maintenance of life;Pregnancy control;Provide information for medical or diagnostic purposes by examining samples from humans.

  • The size of China's medical device market

  •        At present, China's medical device market will still maintain a high growth rate. As a multidisciplinary industry, its industrial extension is expanding continuously, which will bring new market in the field.At the same time, the coming of an aging population and the improvement of consumption capacity will further drive the market demand, leading to a higher growth rate of the industry.Compared with developed countries, China's medical device market still has more room for growth.According to the released forward-looking industry research institute for medical devices industry market demand forecast and investment strategy planning and analysis report, according to data by the end of 2017 China medical equipment market scale will exceed 400 billion yuan, in 2018 the national medical equipment market scale of nearly 450 billion yuan.In the future, will be from the "flowers" for medical devices industry to develop in the direction of more concentrated, demand, domestic medical equipment industry m&a industry will also usher in monopoly, industry consolidation is the inevitable direction of future development.

  • Analysis of medical device characteristics

  • Medical equipment is characterized by difference between products greatly, both hemostatic sponge, disposable infusion apparatus such relatively simple products, including medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment such complicated large equipment;Base areas involved in electronic technology, computer technology, sensor technology, signal processing technology, biochemistry, clinical medicine, precision machinery, optical, automatic control, fluid mechanics, and many other aspects. 

  •           Therefore, the development of medical equipment is highly affected by the corresponding national basic industry development level, the United States, Europe and Japan because of the rich industrial foundation and many years of technology accumulation, in the world leading position for a long time.

  • The development status of medical devices in China

  • Barriers to entry to foreign markets

  •         Medical equipment product quality is related to human life and health, the government has strict rules on its market access and management, such as the United States FDA registration and the European Union CE certification and so on, the low level of technology of medical equipment enterprises difficult to obtain the registration or certification, thus constitutes a barrier.In addition, some countries have certain protection policies for their enterprises and higher barriers to entry.

  • Chinese medical device enterprises are generally small in scale and weak in competitivenes

  •         China's medical device industry concentration is low, the production of 10,000 enterprises, generally small.Lack of investment in research and development seriously restricts independent innovation, leading to weak competitiveness in the market.

  • The research and development funds of Chinese medical device enterprises are insufficient

  •          Among the world's leading medical device companies, medtronic alone invested over 2 billion euros and 13 billion euros in r&d in 2016.The total investment of domestic medical device enterprises in r&d is small, which is significantly different from the leading enterprises in the same industry.

  • Import substitution drives the rapid growth of the industry

  •          Along with our country economic potentiality enhancement and the medical device industry development gradually be taken seriously, cases "(state council order no. 650) regulation, the medical instrument unit using repeated use of disposable medical devices, or destruction of disposable medical devices used in accordance with the relevant provisions, in violation of regulations to constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law;Any person, property or other damage caused shall be liable for compensation according to law.The policy will boost the number of hospital procurement, and the industry market is expected to continue to grow.