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A Woman In Melbourne Sews A Walking Aid For A Wounded Cock
- Jul 06, 2018 -

China, Nov. 27 (xinhua) -- an injured American rooster Roo has been able to walk normally again with the help of a custom-made walking aid made in Melbourne, the Australian website reported.

According to the report, from the United States, in northern California, retired police (Darcy) Smith. Smith is a animal rescuers, before her rooster Roo because the injured and can't stand up and walk, so she ordered a custom for the Roo help line.

The effect was immediate, says Mr Smith, and Roo's eyes brightened as if it had regained its "former glory".

The walkman was made for Roo by a factory on the outskirts of Murrumbeena, Melbourne. The plant, which is run by a single woman, Miranda Boulton, is designed to meet the huge consumer demand for walking AIDS for poultry.

"I would do all the sewing in the factory and in the bedroom," bolton says. "it was not profitable for me, it was a loving job."