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2018 Shanghai Exhibition Of AIDS And Wheelchairs For The Elderly With Disabilities
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Caring, caring, helping the old and helping the disabled build a harmonious world

At present, China has become the oldest country in the world and one of the countries with the fastest aging population. 2018 the 17th session of Shanghai international disabled, the elderly, rehabilitation nursing health supplies equipment exhibition in 2018 on July 13, July 11 solstice was held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall, which will come from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and other countries and regions of well-known companies have appeared in this exhibition, exhibits vividly reflect today's representative in the field of the disabled and the elderly supplies products, this exhibition has become of scale and authority in this field at present, international participation in the most professional trade shows, It has also been strongly supported by the competent authorities of the disabled and the elderly in China.

With the rapid growth of Chinese economy, people's living standards greatly improved, the national overall quality further ascension, more and more enterprises and individuals not only care about their business and personal life, more and more attention to the vulnerable groups, those who need your help and care, this is a great potential and broad prospects for the industry, and 2018 people with disabilities and the elderly the 17th Shanghai rehabilitation nursing health supplies equipment exhibition, timely for the disabled and elderly rehabilitation nursing supplies industry of domestic and foreign enterprises to provide a technology and information communication platform.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank you for your support and participation in the 17th Shanghai international exhibition on rehabilitation, care and health care equipment for the disabled and the elderly, as always. Let us all work together to make a contribution to the cause of the disabled and the elderly, and offer our love!

The organization

Filing unit: Shanghai commission of commerce

Sponsor: China medical and health industry association

Chinese medical exchange society

Shanghai juyi exhibition service co. LTD

Support unit: Hong Kong disabled persons federation Hong Kong medical and health care equipment industry association international rehabilitation nursing association

South Korea disabled persons zhenxing association Japan disabled persons rehabilitation association world disabled persons association

The world federation of the deaf, an international federation of intelligent disabled people's federations for the supply of supplies and services for disabled persons in various provinces and cities

Supporting media: China geriatrics net China disabled persons' supplies net China geriatrics net northern geriatrics net

China rehabilitation information network China rehabilitation information network China rehabilitation network

Organizer: Shanghai juyi exhibition service co. LTD

The target audience

1. Class a hospitals: physiotherapy department, rehabilitation department, orthopedics department, neurosurgery department, sports medicine department, pediatrics department, pain department, geriatrics department, etc.;

2. Medical specialty hospitals: orthopaedic hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, children's hospitals, traditional Chinese hospitals, geriatric hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, etc.;

3. Rehabilitation system of the disabled persons' federation: all levels of disabled persons' federation, rehabilitation medical association, auxiliary equipment resource center, rehabilitation center, etc.;

4. Civil and political rehabilitation system: rehabilitation hospital, nursing home, prosthetic center, rongjun hospital, child welfare institution, dry rest place, pension institution, etc.;

5. Human and social work injury system: all levels of work injury rehabilitation hospitals, work injury appraisal centers, designated treatment for work injury, work injury rehabilitation centers and rehabilitation institutions;

6. Sports rehabilitation system: sports hospitals at all levels, single sports training centers, sports colleges, sports institutes, professional sports clubs, etc.;

7. Compulsory education system: special education department, local education department (bureau), blind, deaf, dumb, intelligent, special education school, autism rehabilitation training and nursing institutions;

8. Domestic trade channel system: medical device agents, distributors, medical device e-commerce companies, terminal chain organizations, pharmacies, retailers, etc.;

9. Foreign trade channel system: international purchasing alliance, international traders, international importers and exporters, industry suppliers, medical equipment import and export companies, etc.;

10. Relevant associations, societies, welfare and charitable fund organizations at home and abroad;

11. Real estate developers, architects and urban planning institutions at home and abroad;

12. Large supermarkets and shopping malls at home and abroad;