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What are the functions of the walker
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Nowadays, social science and technology are very advanced. People have invented things like walking AIDS by virtue of their wisdom, which is very convenient for those who cannot walk easily. But what is the walker? What are the effects? Nowadays, there are still many people who are quite puzzled about such a problem. The following is a detailed explanation for you.

First of all, the walking aid is able to allow the support of the device, so that the old people and patients who have difficulty in legs and feet, such as those whose legs and feet are not flexible or even unable to walk, can take care of themselves and go out for a walk like normal people.

In addition, medically, the tools that help the body support weight, maintain balance and walk are called walking AIDS. Now you have a pretty good idea of what a walking aid is, but what does it do?

With regard to the role of walking AIDS, walking AIDS are indispensable rehabilitation AIDS, such as:

1. Support weight hemiplegia and paraplegia, when the patient's muscle strength is weakened or both lower limbs are unable to support weight or cannot bear weight due to joint pain, the walking aid can play a substitution role;

2. Maintain balance, such as the elderly, non-central maladjusted lower limb weakness, poor anterior extension of lower limb spasm, imbalance of center of gravity movement and other obstacles;

3. To strengthen muscle strength, the walking stick and axillary stick are often used. To support the body, it can strengthen the muscle strength of the extensor muscle of the upper limbs.

In a word, the role of walking AIDS is still very large, can help people in need, in addition, warm reminder, there are many kinds of walking AIDS on the market at present, only the choice of appropriate walking AIDS can bring the greatest convenience to the user's life. It is recommended that you choose the right one.