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Walking method of cane in hemiplegic patients
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Now we can often see in the street that some people have the symptoms of hemiplegia or paraplegia, they this kind of people move extremely inconvenient, even for some people, action is also a very extravagant thing. In order to achieve the goal of ancillary action, we will see that most people will choose to use crutches, so that they can at least rely on their own simple walk to achieve the effect of exercising the body active nerves.

Of course, for different patients, they use different crutches, so the method is not the same! Now let's introduce the walking method for using the cane for the patients with hemiplegia.

Methods one or two points of walk: that is, stick out the cane and the foot, and then take a healthy foot. This method is fast and suitable for patients with lower hemiplegia degree and better balance function. Method 23 Point walk: Most of the hemiplegic patients walk in order to stick out, and then take the foot, and then take a healthy foot, a small number of patients in order to stretch out the staff, take a healthy foot, and then walk the way foot.

The two methods described above are the use of more than the use of crutches, there is a need for friends to learn!