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Walking AIDS are the first choice for many elderly people and patients. When using walking AIDS, what should we pay attention to?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1. Commonly used walking AIDS include: interactive type, fixed type, wheel type in front, walking car for the aged, and walking car for the aged with brake, etc.

2. Check whether the performance of the walker is normal before use to ensure safety; The weight bearing support position of the walker should be appropriate, and the handle should be equivalent to the height of the greater trochanter of the femur. When starting walking training, special protection should be provided to prevent accidents.

Walker, a lot of old people is the preferred walker, walker apparatus using looks simple, but it is not simple, improper use can cause back pain, fall is even more serious consequences, so the elderly when using a walker is to pay attention to what?

The elderly to help line device is suitable for the upper limbs strength support, can be conscious to operation, help line device is designed on the principle of the crutches, walker has more stability and ease of use!

When first using older help line device must slow down, and not suitable for use in outdoor and the up and down the stairs, shoes to fit, general rubber soles, avoid wearing slippers, shoes and other shoes.

Old friends in the use of walking AIDS must master the correct method, safety first.

A walking aid is one that is stronger than a walking stick. Leg and foot injuries, postoperative recovery, the use of crutches more difficult patients can be selected. In addition, unstable walking and weak legs of the elderly are also suitable for walking devices.

Many people use walkers, so why use walkers?

1.walker, relieve pain; 

2. Maintain balance; 

3. Help support the body when muscles are weak; 

4. Reduce the load; 

5. It is more difficult to use double crutches; 

6. Help restore normal walking gait.

Many people use a walker to help them walk because it is more stable and comfortable.

Walking devices need to be adjusted just like walking AIDS and crutches. Only by adjusting to the best position can they be used more safely and comfortably.

1. Wear shoes before using the walker; 

2. Keep your body steady; 

3. Put the walker in front of you and surround the left and right sides of the frame. 

4. Hold the handrail of the walker in both hands; 

When your arms naturally droop, bend your elbows slightly, and hold the handle just above your wrist. This is the best height for a walker.

The right height helps reduce stress and prevent injury, so height adjustment is important.