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The use of walking AIDS for The elderly in nursing homes
- Jul 10, 2018 -

1. Types and objects of canes

(1) ordinary walking stick

The characteristic of common walking stick is that it is f-shaped, light and simple, easy to carry, and suitable for the elderly people in the nursing home who have difficulty in moving.

(2) a walking stick

The strut stick is characterized by a device on the upper end supporting the wrist, which can fix the wrist and forearm. It is suitable for the elderly in nursing homes with weak wrist support or strong wrist joint.

(3) t-shaped cane

t-shaped cane is characterized by a t-shaped top. Some t-shaped canes have soft rings, which increase the area between the walking stick and hand, thus increasing the stability of the elderly in quzhou nursing home.

(4) four-legged walking stick

The characteristic of four-legged walking stick is that there are four fulcrum points at the lower end of the walking stick, which further increases the stability.

2. Types and objects of crutches

There are many kinds of walking sticks for the elderly in nursing homes, but they are fixed and adjustable. Adjustable walking sticks can adjust the height and armrest position according to users' requirements. The walking stick has two supports under the arm and wrist, and is more stable than the walking stick. The walking stick is suitable for the elderly in nursing homes whose lower limb muscle tension is weak, joint deformation or lower limb fracture cannot support their weight.

3. Types and adaptive objects of walkers

The walking device is used for the elderly in nursing homes with low muscle tension and poor stability when walking. It is more stable and safer. The premise of using the walker is that the elderly in the nursing home should have good judgment and good vision, and can walk with the support of the walker without any danger. Nursing home nurses should choose different walking devices according to the actual conditions of the elderly.

(1) four-wheeled walking device is suitable for elderly people in nursing homes with difficulties in walking. The nursing home nurse should pay special attention to the danger of the old man jumping out when the wheel is easy to slide and the direction of force is wrong.

(2) lift walker compared with four wheeled walker, lift lift walker stability is strong, old man to lift walker to walk on your right in front of the appropriate position, then move forward.

(3) more than two wheeled walker to take advantages of these two walking, walking wheels first part will walk forward, landing on the support of the body to walk to school in the mobile device, has both stability and also convenient.

4. Types and objects of wheelchair

(1) driving wheels in the ordinary wheelchair, small wheel in the front, mobile convenience, nursing home old man in a wheelchair can be upper arm turn the handwheel circle, his walking control, the elderly nursing home can be used in indoor and outdoor.

(2) the back of the adjustable wheelchair has a soft groove for fixing the head and neck, and the back of the wheelchair can be lifted and flattened, which is suitable for elderly people in nursing homes with weak body and difficulty supporting the body.

(3) the nursing wheelchair is simple and light, and the cost is low. It is used by nursing home nurses when transporting the elderly.