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The role of walking AIDS in life
- Jun 06, 2018 -


Walker, is can make through the equipment support, and let the legs and feet don't convenient old patients and not flexible legs or even the loss of ability to walk is able to provide for oneself, can be like normal person go out for a walk. The most common walking AIDS include two wheels and four wheels. If you have difficulty maintaining balance or are prone to falls, both types of walking AIDS can provide enough stability.

Into the old society in recent years, domestic, and hemiplegia, paraplegia, amputees or other lower limb muscle strength weakened after can't support the weight of more and more patients, help line device [1] is indispensable in the rehabilitation auxiliary products. At present, there are many kinds of walking AIDS on the market. Only selecting the right one can bring the greatest convenience to the user's life. Medical AIDS to support weight, balance and walking are called walking AIDS.

(1) balance, such as the elderly, the central disorders of the lower limb weakness, poor lower limb spasm forward and center of gravity move not obstacles such as the balance, but on balance, multiple cerebral infarction, cerebral apoplexy in aged patients obstacles.

(2) supporting weight: after hemiplegia and paraplegia, when the patient's muscle strength is weakened or both lower limbs are unable to support weight or cannot bear weight due to joint pain, the walking aid can play a substitution role.

(3) strengthen muscle strength: often use cane and axillary rod, because want to support the body, therefore, have the effect of strengthening muscle strength to the extensor muscle of upper limbs.