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The purpose of the Rollator
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Helping the elderly to live, relax, walk, shopping, rest and use the assistant and tools. There is a common name in English, Rollator. In developed countries, Rollator is one of the indispensable life tools for almost every middle-aged and old people. In domestic Rollator, however is not a unified name, we usually named help driving, but there are many more names, such as the elderly cart, leisure, shopping cart walker, walker, chairs, folding chairs, instead of walking step step chair, help car, car instead of walking, DaiBuQi, walking the wheelchair, wheelchair, walking round stick, etc., although the name is different, but all mean the same thing - to help drive (Rollator).

Help traffic (Rollator) is an essential part of the elderly in daily life one tool life, in general, people to life of toil lifetime, enter the old life, the body without the youth so hale and hearty, somewhat the symptom such as waist sour backache, leg also not so skillful. Because of this, middle-aged and old people are not as stable in walking or walking as they were when they were young. They are prone to fall down. Walking outside is also easy to fatigue, easy to be tired, take things or shopping, etc., also can not lift too large items, all need to sit down intermittently for a while; In addition, use help traffic (Rollator), can help and encourage the elderly more indoor outdoor activities, to keep the balance of the elderly body, prevent activities fall, and can enhance the cardiopulmonary function, increase the large intestine peristalsis, prevent constipation, and to prevent urinary tract obstruction, also can help walking rehabilitation training, and, more importantly, can enhance the confidence of the elderly into their daily family life, to improve the mental health of the elderly is particularly important.

At home, from the point of a person's life aging process, when the leg is not very neat, typically begin with on crutches, from single-throw to turn four feet, can provide certain guarantee to maintain the balance of the body, but the function of the cane is limited, can only provide the basic support, but also can't provide seat rest; With the progress of the physiological aging, when crutch will not be able to continue to maintain the balance of the body needs, most people will choose a wheelchair as instruments of daily life, pushed the wheelchair can be also able to sit down and rest, because it's heavy, but the wheelchair size too big, and height is low, can only be used as a short walk auxiliary tool, if you need to go away, go shopping, shopping and so on are not suitable for, can not serve as the daily leisure assistant, also the most important thing, is to use a wheelchair on the psychological impact of old people is very large, most elderly people have reverse psychology, think the wheelchair is used for the man who can't walk, Using a wheelchair means losing the ability to take care of oneself in life, which is detrimental to the mental and physical health of middle-aged and old people. Help traffic (Rollator), is a kind of life between stick and wheelchair auxiliary tools, both life than crutch is more suitable for the elderly, and more convenient, deft, than wheelchair can greatly improve the quality of life, expanding living space and scope, and therefore is an essential part of the elderly in daily life one auxiliary tool life.

In old people go out, is only a short walk from think to walk but couldn't find the stools, find stools may also not in the shade, there is a little bit heavy also cannot carry, right now, with the help driving (Rollator), problem solved. It can move, sit, and carry bags. It is light, beautiful and foldable. It is very light to put in the trunk of a car. Wonderful outside world, is also the world of the elderly! The outside world is wonderful. Let your parents go out more!