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The origin of the term toilet
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Origin of name:

The history of the toilet can be traced back to the han dynasty. At that time, the toilet was called "tiger son". The eunuchs who served the emperor were held in their arms for the convenience of the emperor. Later in the tang dynasty, because there was a man in the imperial family named li hu, to avoid taboo, he changed the name of tiger son to beast son or horse son. Later, in circulation, it evolved into the name of the toilet.

Relevant history:

According to the chronicle of xijing, the court of the han dynasty made a "tiger son" out of jade, which was carried by the emperor's attendants for the emperor's convenience. This kind of "tiger son", it is the specialized appliance that later generation calls urinal, urinal, also be the forerunner of closestool. It is said that the "tiger son" was also inspired by the high ancestor liu bang who used the Confucian crown as a drowning device.

There is another way of saying the invention of the tiger son, which is also related to the emperor. Legend has it that in the western han dynasty, "flying general" li guang shot the dead tiger, and had it cast into a copper submersible in the shape of a tiger. The emperor of the tang dynasty changed the disrespectful term to "beast son" or "horse son" because of the name "li hu" among his ancestors, and later commonly known as "toilet bowl" and "urinal bowl".

The first detailed written record of the toilet is the "wooden horse zi" in ouyang xiu's "records of return to the field ii" in the northern song dynasty. The toilet used by the ancient Chinese people was a circular wooden bucket with a cover, painted with tung oil or a good waterproof lacquer.