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The origin and function of crutches
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Cane is a kind of important auxiliary appliance medical rehabilitation, was walking sticks \ \ crutch rod, the stick is mainly used for mild needs, such as the elderly or climbers, stick does not belong to the disabled supplies, elbow belongs to moderate lower limb disabled supplies, rod. Axillary crutches is lower limb severely disabled necessities (sick disability, etc.), most of the lower limb disabled people have to use the crutch for life, the crutch, especially under the crutch of anti-skid device needs to be improved.

There is a handle on the top that ACTS as the "third leg" of walking to stabilize the body. Now there are also three or four legs that enhance skid resistance, and some combine with a folding stool. It is commonly used by the elderly and disabled. The staff is usually higher than the head when tired pole can use both hands to support, crutches can only support.

China's crutches have a long history. The classic of mountains and seas says, "praise your father for abandoning the rod for the forest." According to the book of rites, "the flea in the day of Confucius, dragging his staff with his hand, is free at the door." It can be seen that more than 2000 years ago, there were written records of using canes in China.

The use of crutches is quite important in our culture. Have seen leading crutches, familiar with Peking Opera in the playing dragon robe Lv Guotai in a play on the leading crutches, the spearhead of centenarians and too gentleman resigned toward, measure too gentleman, holds the emperor gave leading crutches. Besides using value, it also symbolizes power and status. In many countries the monarch holds a scepter.

Crutches are made from a variety of materials, most of which are bamboo and wood. Chinese people like to use bamboo sticks, which are light and flexible. Other crutches are rattan, rosewood, rosewood, poplars, cypress, ox horn, tooth, bone, metal, etc. The most rare, it is said that the heavy wooden cane, dark wood is wood because of changes in the earth's crust and buried in soil, for fir "gloomy", and more commonly made of cane qualitative solid and durable, but only a few, is not easy to find.

Cane cane cane belongs to natural cane, make by wild cane, the most common is white cane wild cane when growing by hand bends into umbrella handle shape. Usually one or two years later. It's generic.

Gloomy wood belongs to rare goods, it is used as sculpture commonly, a piece of dark wood about 10 centimeters is already very rare, can be formed into crutches should be valuable. It's not something that ordinary people can have.

The walking stick of red beech wood and brown purple bamboo, the walking stick of red chestnut wood is light, flexible, bright color and strong and durable. It can be carved with dragon and phoenix on it.

Yellow poplars are also valuable timber and are good for walking sticks. It's easy to carve and keeps the wood as it is.

Chinese prickly ash wood crutch Chinese prickly ash wood is not precious wood, the country is big river north and south have prickly ash wood to plant, but the prickly ash wood belongs to shrub branch, grow ability is not easy, need 5-8 years time. A pepper tree takes its trunk to make a cane. Prickly knobs covered the whole of the pepper wood. Li shizhen compendium of materia medica recorded Chinese prickly ash without invigorate the circulation of qi and set a thief to catch a thief, with medical value of hemp hemp cure, Chinese prickly ash wood handball, Chinese prickly ash wood stick to the old people's hands and feet numbness, not free has medical effect of qi and blood, and physical diagnosis value. In some cities in the north, the best birthday gift for the elderly is a walking stick with a Chinese prickly ash, which is also a symbol of filial piety and the happiness and well-being of generations. It belongs to the top grade of the walking stick for the aged.

Metal crutches are basically used for medical rehabilitation and walking AIDS.