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The function of walking AIDS brings convenience to people
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Walker is a common functional disorder of lower limbs. Most patients with limb disorders need walking AIDS for standing and walking at the beginning of walking training. A few patients even need walking AIDS for life.

一.The concept of Walker

Devices that support weight, balance, and walkin people with limb disorders are called walking AIDS, or walking AIDS, or walking AIDS. The main function is to maintain the body balance, reduce the weight of lower limbs, relieve pain, improve gait, improve walking function and so on.

二. Types of walking AIDS

According to the structure and function, the walking AIDS can be divided into two categories: staff walking AIDS and walking AIDS.

1. Staff walking AIDS are small and portable, but they have small support area and poor stability, including: cane, elbow rod, forearm support crutch, axillary rod, multi-foot crutch and bearing crutch.

2. The walking frame is heavy, but it has large supporting area and good stability, including: standard walking frame, wheel walking frame, walking chair and walking platform.

三.The function of the walking aid

1. Maintain body balance in patients with craniocerebral trauma or multiple sclerosis with limb disorders. For the elderly with obvious motor dysfunction and weak lower limbs, it has the function of maintaining body balance.

2. Support weight poliomyelitis or lower limb nerve injury when replenishing muscle strength; Used to protect damaged bones or joints after osteoporosis or meniscus is removed. When hemiplegia, lower limb muscle strength is weakened, cannot support weight, or because joint pain cannot bear weight, cane, axillary rod can have substitution effect.

3. The main reason is to reduce the load on the lower extremity. Therefore, the upper extremity needs to press down hard.

4. Auxiliary walking expands the support surface of patients with limb disorders when walking and increases the stability when walking.

5. Other scoliosis or limb shortening are used to compensate for deformity. Used to relieve pain after osteoarthritis or lower limb fracture. Used as a pathfinder when blind or blind; Social considerations, such as reminding people that they are slow and unstable to avoid harm.

四. Selection principle of walking AIDS

1. The purpose of functional application of the walking AIDS is to take into account the indoor, outdoor, loading, seating and other purposes.

2. A comprehensive understanding of physical disorders includes height, weight, age, general condition, disease diagnosis, severity and progression.

3. A comprehensive assessment should be made on the balance capacity of the lower limb, lower limb muscle strength, gait and walking function, upper limb muscle strength, grip strength and grip mode of the hand of patients with limb disorders.

4. In accordance with the environmental requirements of patients with limb disorders, the patient's home area, slope, stairs and ground conditions should be fully considered.

5. The patient needs to have certain cognitive ability to learn to use the walking aid correctly, to realize that there may be risks in the application of the walking aid (such as using the wheel walking aid on the slope or using crutches on the hard slippery ground), to make appropriate adjustments and cope with the danger, and to notice and find the defects of the walking aid.

6. Consider the lifestyle and personal interests of people with physical disorders such as style, weight, color, etc.

五. Maintenance and maintenance of walking AIDS

1. Before using a walking aid, patients with limb disorders should first check whether the walking aid is scarred, and whether the joints are folded, the adjusting knob, the rubber cap at the foot and the caster are intact and firm to ensure safety.

2. Check the walker and its accessories (wheels, screws, rubber caps, etc.) regularly, find out problems and update them timely.