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The function and origin of the cane
- Jun 09, 2018 -


Three common walking sticks

1.The "question mark" walking stick used by the old people is often seen.

2.A walking stick for mountaineering. It's a bit professional, and many older people use it to climb mountains.

3.A walking stick for medical devices. They are designed for special populations, such as patients with fractures or sequelae from stroke. 7 kinds of walking sticks with special functions

1.A special anti-skid pad is installed at the bottom of the walking stick.

2 .handle removed, can replace the sword, for people to dance sword fitness.

3.The equipped luminescent equipment can be used as a flashlight.

4.Some canes also have an electric massager which can be massaged.

5.You can also write your name and address on the stick so that the rescuer can contact his family in case of an accident.

6.Electric muffler is installed. When headache, dizziness, angina attack or fall down, the alarm can be issued by pressing the button.

7. Seated walking stick. It combines the function of walking stick and chair. When walking tired, you can change walking stick into a chair to sit and rest. However, due to the small surface of the chair, it needs to be used carefully.


Walking stick, commonly known as walking stick, is also known as "helping the old" in ancient times. Tao yuan-ming of the eastern jin dynasty said in his book returning to the garden, "it is a clear proof that one should help the old man to enjoy his leisure and enjoy his leisure with a dignified head". Canes have been a fixture of old people from ancient to modern times. When the literati grow old, there are many such poems. The walking stick by tian songyan, a qing man, said :" yuexi flowers accompany me in the morning. Dare to walk unevenly over the rough road because you have no worries!" Ode to the cane and combine philosophy, and hair "martyrs in old age, the heart of the strong" feelings. The idea is new and ingenious, and the imagination is vivid. The tang and song dynasties also worship the ceremony of supporting the staff, and cherish the old wind. Tang dynasty general li jing, due to old enough disease, the table above implored to be retired; In the eight years of zhenguan, emperor taizong of the tang dynasty issued a special edict and awarded "special progress" and "longevity stick" to "help foot disease". This staff is decorated with a dragon head at the top, not leaning on the waist, but a staff higher than the top of the head two or three feet, is a symbol of power, for generations of emperors to give a small number of founding fathers or loyal ancestors gift.

"Shi tianlin was over seventy years old, and he was often given the golden dragon's sceptre by the emperor. The golden dragon's staff is the first in a hundred. In the past, the male and the old among the princes used the "dragon head stick ", while the female used the" phoenix head stick ". As a matter of fact, in ancient times, most of the people who held the jade sceptre were the relatives of the emperor, relatives of the state and the elders of the princes and nobles. Ancient poem cloud :" hold ten bibcock rod, do not point to vanity namely point to cloud." It expresses the illusion of "respecting the old" who supports the dragon's head and staff and longs for a longer life than the sky.

Since ancient times, literati and scholars often consign themselves to the rod. The bamboo stick of cao tingdong, a member of the qing dynasty, was inscribed :" to the left of the left, you don't have to go first. The so - called "left left" refers to the staff when the left hand, the right foot first forward; The staff and the left foot are followed by a steady gait. Pundit, su dongpo song dynasty set wave word cloud: "bamboo rod light straw shoe - horse", means a cane as old man of action items, and since the moment don't have a new idea of "rod inscription" so as to reliably: "is in danger, in his, seem to be lost in the way in uprightness, in remembrance embroidery." In this, it is said that what makes people really dangerous is lack of cultivation, impatience, greed for pleasure, self-gain at the expense of others, and corruption. The words are eloquent and witty.

In the design of the customs emblem, there is a golden "shang shen cane ", which crosses with the" golden key ", and basks in the sunlight of the national emblem. The walking stick of the god of commerce "comes from the Greek mythology of the god of hai ermace. It is said that he became the "god of commerce" because he made a fortune by using a short rod with two wings of a snake with magical power and carrying a purse on his back. Therefore, the walking stick is a symbol of commercial trade and is internationally regarded as a general symbol of the customs emblem.