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The composition and use of axillary
- Jan 30, 2018 -

In postoperative care of lower limb fracture patients, postoperative rehabilitation for a period of time, need to use a number of Walker, Walker, the most commonly used AIDS is a crutch tool. But the use of crutches is not what you take for granted, as you normally walk.

What side should crutches be on? Which leg do you want to walk? How hard? How do I get downstairs? What are the precautions for crutches?

The composition and use of axillary

The purpose of the cane is to make the affected limb does not load or light weight to walk, when it is necessary to the side limb weight, so before the crutches, it is best to carry out the upper limb muscle strength training, such as the use of chest, dumbbell, practice breast enlargement, unarmed punches and so on.

In general, the crutches should be 1.5 ~ 2 fingers wide under the armpit, the length of the cane should be the height minus the length of the CM, and the grip height is the wrist level when the arms are naturally drooping, and the elbow should be properly bent when using the crutches.

It should be noted that the single turn should be used on the opposite side of the patient, that is, the health side. This can help the affected limb to bear the weight, the goal is with the limb joint force, feels also comfortable, but also can avoid the turn on the side accidentally knocks to the affected part, plays protects the limb the function. Instead of, as is often imagined, "which side of the leg is broken.

Because when you take a single on the side, in order to reduce the burden of the affected limb, it is necessary to skew the body to make more support weight, easy to fall, at the same time, if the limb can not bear, can only be in the side of the load support stepping, with the support of all the weight of the jump step, more dangerous, and not conducive

Points for attention on crutches

1. The weight of the body should be pressed on the palm, with the hand as the support point (not armpit!). Not armpit! Not armpit! )。

2. Ensure the safety of the surroundings when using crutches, eliminate the factors that may cause a fall, and not walk on slippery roads or carpets.

3. Reasonable arrangement of family layout to ensure easy access to common items. Make sure your home environment is safe, such as the use of non-slip mats in bathrooms, safety handrails and shower Zuotai.

4. Dizziness, weakness, body abnormalities, do not use crutches, can seek help around people.