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Select a Help line by purpose
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Now there are many kinds of help on the market, of course, different types of functions, adapt to the crowd are not the same, that how to choose the most suitable for their own line of help? Now let's briefly say.

If the patient is to use the walker in the community or park and other public places to walk, you should choose a lighter, easy to fold the walker. Because of the ease with which the folding aid is easy to carry, he can be placed in the trunk of the car. Of course, such aids are very convenient for going to cinemas, hotels and other places. And if two or four pulleys of pulley-type brake should also be equipped with the same and ensure that the load can be stable.

There is also a class of help-line, stair-climbing support for the regular upper and lower floors of the patients with inflexible legs, this one is attached to the top two brackets with a pair of handles that can be used to go up the stairs, but with this feature, his volume increases and the usual placement takes up a large area.

The interactive help-line device is provided to patients with a certain standing ability of the lower limb and the body cannot stand alone. An interactive help line is a function that has one side to move and then another to move, and it is more suitable for patients who lack the ability to fully lift the forward muscle and balance. For example, if the patient's hand, wrist, and forearm of the upper limb are not load-bearing, and the ability to grip the grip is poor, a support platform that holds the curved position of the elbow joint of the affected upper limb can be attached near the side of the booster. In this way, the patient can also move slowly with the help-line device. Have you seen so many types of help-line device? Hurry and see!!!