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On the importance of the bath chair for the elderly
- Jun 08, 2018 -

A few days ago, my father told me that an 80-year-old woman next door had died. I was very surprised, because when I came home, the old lady was always in good health. Why did she suddenly die? Dad said, the thing is: the old lady earlier in the evening shower wrestling lead to the leg bone fracture, so home children rushed to the old lady to the provincial capital best hospital for surgery. He spent more than 20 days in the hospital and spent more than 100,000 yuan. As a result, the old woman was too old to eat. Hearing such accidents always makes people very worried, and I wonder whether it can be avoided if the children help the old people prepare for slipping and falling in advance.

Why use a bath chair?

In the bathroom, because the ground is slippery, the old man to wear less clothes, can support content less, long the station easily dizzy wait for a reason, lead to the risk of the old man in the bathroom odds is very big, so whether at home or old institutions, bath care for old people, must let the old man sat down and reduce the happening of the accident.

The main effect of using a bath chair

1. With the improvement of sitting position and posture, it can prevent falls and ensure safety.

2.Without care, one can take a bath.

3. With the improvement of sitting position and posture, the burden on caregivers can be reduced.

Choose the essentials of a bath chair

1.It is important to confirm the size of the bathroom and the condition of the entrance and exit doors

In the case of an open door, the bath chair may become an obstacle, causing the door not to open

2.The bladder ensures that there is sufficient room to move

If there is little room to move, you will fall down

3.As you wait to take a bath, it is important to ensure that the user and caregiver can move space

If you take care of yourself in an inappropriate position, you will put a burden on your body and risk falling down

4.Prefer bathing chairs based on physique and physical condition

It can reduce the burden on the body and prevent the risk of falling down, which is very important to promote self-care

5.In the shower room, try to choose products with high visual discrimination

Users with amblyopia or cataract may find it difficult to identify product locations due to heat

6.Marketing recommends touching the body part without feeling cold

For thin users, protecting the hips and back is important