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Low price invoice is not allowed in a country
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Pakistan and China signed the customs information interchange agreement, which means the customs of the two countries are connected.

For the old foreign trader,it is not a new thing that open two invoice,one is for nornal price and another is for low price invoice,or half price invoice,actually if the customs of two countries are not connected,you can still do this,the customer can save the tax,convenient for customer means convenient for us.But now Pakistan's custom and China'custom is connected,we can not do like this.

Actually,the foreign trader discuss this issue that if we can do the low price invoice or the half price invoice,I think it should see if these two countries's custom is connected,if not,then we can do it.

For this issue,it depend on the customs is connected or not,the foreign trader have to pay more attention for it.