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Introduction to the Help-line device
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Scope of application: it is suitable for patients standing and walking with serious injury of lower limb function.
Product Features:
Multi-file adjustable height, card spring design, hand-held part of the use of Non-slip material outsourcing, not easy to dispose of;
1. Strong and durable, high safety factor, strong bearing pressure.
2. Stainless steel parallel bars structure, more stable, turning direction more stability
3. Can adjust height arbitrarily.
4. Can fold, reduce space for easy to carry.
5. Non-slip special design concave and convex padded foot mat, non-slip grip, comfortable use.
This product can be used for lower extremity rehabilitation exercises (such as lumbar or hip postoperative rehabilitation exercises), supporting walking, support the body. The use of the first move forward, and then move the remaining side forward, so back and forth alternately moving forward, suitable for the elevation of balance, lower limb muscle strength of patients or the elderly, especially the toilet is also very convenient.