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How does the old sit stool to choose old sit stool to buy guidebook
- Jul 16, 2018 -

1. Attention stability

When buying old people to sit stool, want to consider stability above all. The majority of people who buy toilet seats are elderly, disabled and pregnant. Be careful to test the stability and bearing capacity of your stool whenever you buy it. Choose as far as possible bearing is bigger, design is more stable sit stool.

2. Adjust the height of the chair

When buying an old person to sit stool, must pay attention to the height that sit stool. Some old people with inconvenient waist and legs can't bend over freely, so they have to raise their seats when they get home. Little did they know that the stability of the stool was compromised. Small make up recommend those who need not adjust tall sit stool.

3. Avoid purchasing cortex

When buying sit stool, do not choose to contain dermal leather as far as possible. The sitting stool of genuine leather cushion is used for a long time, dermal part is easy to damage, such chair is not beautiful, should change every few years. If you want to prolong the life of a stool, you should pay attention to buying one without leather or one with less leather.

4. Analyze the application methods

How does the old man choose to sit on the stool? Sitting on the stool as a simple life tool, but also to see the use of people. Some sit stool design is very human nature, take out bucket is a common chair. Some have no cushion packs for use in the shower. The old people's own idea is also the key, the purchase must combine the old people's opinion.

5. Easy to use

Sit defecate chair ten or nine times is used for old people, sit defecate chair use method more simple better. Especially those old people with poor eyesight live by trial and error. If sitting in a stool is too complicated, it will bring inconvenience to the old people's life. Sit defecate chair from principle speaking, use a method should be simpler more better, comfortable degree is higher better.

6. Convenient disinfection and cleaning

As a product that needs to be used every day, the stool needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. When choosing to sit on the stool, we should choose those easy to clean, not too many corner seats. About the old sit stool to buy guidebook here finished introduction, remind everybody again finally this kind of product does not buy on the net, do manual work quality is inferior to entity shop at all.