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Function and collocation knowledge of handrails in bathroom during decoration
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The bathroom armrest can help us avoid slipping in the bathroom. Copper handrails are stable and can be used for a long time. Alloy handrails have perfect texture and wear resistance. The collocation of the bathroom armrest should consider according to different material respectively.

If you don't have a bathtub, you'd better have a shower handle.

Bronze armrest biggest advantage is very strong stability, high density, weight, weight after electroplating and polishing is not peeling, do not fade, is not easy to rust in humid environment, not easy ageing, the overall structure is loose, ensure that the product is installed, can use for a long time. The surface of alloy handrails is plated with bright chrome, with perfect texture. The coating has strong binding force, no rust and no peeling. High strength anti - corrosion, anti - wear function, good binding force, uniform coating, thick visual sense, and bright surface color as mirror.

Advanced electroplating process, through copper and chrome acid coating, excellent corrosion resistance, ensure the surface gloss bright, lasting. Technically, it is refined by stamping, welding, polishing, electroplating, manual assembly and other processes. The surface is shiny, the shape is exquisitely carved and full of changes. Perfect collocation bathroom suite, show individual fashionable grade.

            1. Chrome plating: smooth, bright and durable

Chromium-plated fittings are the largest parts in the market at present. They not only have a bright and clean appearance, but also have a soft and delicate feel, and are easy to clean and durable. This kind of fittings has the protection of chromium-plated layer on the outside, and the internal material is not easy to be oxidized, so it can be kept fresh for a long time.

          2. Stainless steel: fashionable style, delicate and fresh

Now, decorate household to pursue the fashionable style between wei yu more and more, on the basis that holds "big", the choice to fittings also pays attention very much. According to introducing, stainless steel fittings is leading contemporary fashionable style, maintained at the same time oneself unique delicate grade and pure and fresh feeling, suit the mentality of the youth that pursues vogue.

          3. Baking paint: easy and elegant, easy to clean

When choose and buy wei yu fittings, although some consumer likes metal more durable, dislike its indifferent appearance however. There is an expert to introduce, interior is copper or other durable metal, the wei yu fittings that the surface passes bake lacquer processing, can suit this kind more probably "fastidious" consumer. And since when bathing wastewater easily splashed all kinds of bathroom accessories, scrubbing rather spend time, between the wei yu that therefore recommend that you choose easy to clean the accessories of the lacquer that bake, as long as can wipe gently with water, never leave the water mark.