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Current status of medical devices in China
- Jun 02, 2018 -

      At present, there are 14,200 medical device manufacturers in China. The high-end market in China is occupied by multinational companies, and most domestic enterprises have serious homogeneity competition

        The development of China's medical equipment industry has experienced from scratch, products exported from domestic sales gradually to development, from export gradually developed to developing countries to export to the United States, Europe and other developed countries.After years of development, some domestic medical devices have reached the international first-class level, and began to be exported to Europe, America and other developed countries.However, medical equipment industry in China started relatively late, there is still a certain gap with international medical equipment giants, especially for large equipment and high-end medical equipment, domestic medical institutions still tend to use imported equipment, imported high cost of medical equipment is also one of the reasons for the high medical costs.Domestic medical equipment manufacturing enterprises mainly concentrated in the low-end, has the price advantage of conventional products, including small and medium-sized equipment and consumable products, only the partial products have and import the competing power of medical equipment, such as the monitor, anesthesia machine, blood cell analyzer, colour to exceed, and biochemical analyzer and so on.

       High-end medical equipment in the domestic market is still mainly occupied by international large-scale medical equipment manufacturers, to master their own intellectual property rights of the domestic leading medical equipment enterprises in the market and its competition, and has a considerable market share.The low-end market is mainly occupied by the second-tier and third-tier manufacturers, but with the increasingly strict quality control requirements of medical device companies by the state, the market share of the leading domestic manufacturers continues to expand.