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Choose the right bath chair for the elderly
- Jun 21, 2018 -

1, colour: the old people's psychological characteristics and physiological characteristics determine the elderly preference for the specific color, like light, bright colors, plain gray, quiet blue, pure white, and avoid the colour of bright and strong visual impact.

2, appearance: people into old age, the coordination ability of the body, should use some more on modelling no sharp corners, sleek shape, reduce knock against, bruises, mentally for the elderly with a sense of security.

3. Back rest:

Backrest: sitting for a long time is not easy to get tired. A lower back, even if the hunchbacked old man sits up, the spine will not bump against the back of the back.

No backrest: easy to sit, easy to clean for the elderly. Not suitable for stroke sequelae or limb weakness.

4. Adjustable sitting height

Keep your thighs horizontal and your legs vertically parallel to the ground.

The seating surface cannot be too high, otherwise when crus is suspended, the thigh is pressed by the front edge of the chair. Make sit person feels unwell, sit so for a long time blood circulation is blocked, crus numbness is swollen.

The seating surface should not be too low; otherwise, people with long legs will lean back from the pelvis, and the normal lumbar spine curve will be straightened, resulting in discomfort of the waist.

According to ergonomic theory, sitting height is generally between 400mm and 440mm.