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China Medical Device Industry Is Big
- May 10, 2018 -

At this stage, the global medical device industry more and more, major multinational corporations in the world than increasing trend.
Statistics show that medical device companies in the top 10 in the world respectively, Johnson, Siemens, GE Medical, Medtronic, Baxter Healthcare, Philips medical, Boston Scientific, Becton, Stryker, Braun Medical in 2004 and 10 per cent of the world market share of the company's 34.5% growth in 2010 to 44.8%.
Medical device industry growth depends on innovation. EvaluateMedTech prediction, 2011-2018, the global growth rate would maintain funding research and development in the area of medical technology in the field of health 3.3%, reaching 25.3 billion dollars. Fiscal year 2011, the global research and development budget into the top 5 of Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Siemens, Medtronic, and GE were 7.5 billion USD, $ 4.1 billion and $ 1.56 billion, $ 1.51 billion and US $ 1.3 billion.
Meanwhile, global medical device sales in 2011 from $ 187 billion in 2009 to $ 355.3 billion, compound annual growth rate of 8.35%. Last year, China medical device market size of about 150 billion yuan, nearly 10-year compound growth rate of 21.3%, than developed countries.
China medical device market 14% of the total pharmaceutical market size, and 42% of the world level, and with the global per capita consumption of medical device compared to the level 5~6 of room to grow. Expected by 2015 China medical device market will reach us $ 53.7 billion.