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Basic information of bathroom armrest and how to choose and buy bathroom armrest
- Aug 11, 2018 -

Basic information of bathroom armrest and how to choose and buy bathroom armrest

 1.    Basic information about bathroom handrails

Classification of bathroom handrails

According to material cent: all copper bathroom armrest, stainless steel bathroom armrest, aluminium alloy bathroom armrest.

1. All-copper bathroom armrest: refers to the material of the bathroom armrest is copper.

2. Stainless steel bathroom armrest: it refers to the stainless steel material of the bathroom armrest.

3. Aluminum alloy bathroom armrest: refers to the material of the bathroom armrest is aluminum alloy.

2.    Knowledge of bathroom armrest selection

All the accessories in the bath, can have the effect that make the finishing point, is not only necessary, its modelling is various, but also make your key, the space that defend bath, but is still the old word, pay attention to beautiful still have to follow the rules in accordance with the demand of life before, so that you wouldn't know used also in vain. When choosing, should master four major elements.

1.       Look at the material. Bathroom handrails materials about the market now has the following kinds: copper and chrome, stainless steel plating chromium, aluminum alloy plating chromium, etc., the material of pure copper products to prevent oxidation, rarely appears faded; Stainless steel chrome plating is cheap, but the service time is short. Although the bathroom armrest is a small thing, consumer still should notice to choose the product of good quality, otherwise every period of time must carry on to the bathroom armrest change.

2.       Look at the coating. Coating treatment is very important for hardware pendant, it relates to the product service life, finish, wear-resisting degree. A good coating is dark and shiny, with a touch of gloss, while a bad one is dull. Good coatings are very smooth, and poor quality coatings can be found on the surface of wavy ups and downs. The surface also has the hollow affirmation is inferior product. Good coating is wear-resisting more, the sample that the businessman places in the shop wants to wipe every day, good product surface basically cannot see to have scratch, and inferior product surface can have dense hemp Nick.

3.      Look at the brand. If you want to buy the bathroom of after-sale guarantee armrest, consumer had better choose brand bathroom handrails, although what brand price is higher, but when occurrence problem of the quality of the bathroom handrails, consumers can find replacement or repair, dealer in general or more profitable to buy brand bathroom handrails

4.      Look at the accessories. Bathroom 3 big clean is provided in toilet place occupy the position biggest, cannot let clean provide collocation bathroom armrest accordingly, and should let bathroom armrest and clean provide photograph collocation. When choosing bathroom armrest, must consider whether these bathroom armrest and already bought clean provide photograph collocation. Now there are all kinds of bathroom handrails on the market, consumers should pay attention to when choosing color, material and model is in line with the overall toilet decorate a style, if you like it, it is likely to last pick up to the bathroom put in toilet armrest look out.

      Knowledge of bathroom armrest collocation

Fittings is right between wei yu, be like the gem that the woman matches to wear to hua fu, to build the atmosphere between wei yu to have the effect that make the finishing point really. Accordingly, originality sex is strong, simple and easy, quality is decorous, the fittings that the integral collocation is appropriate between wei yu and received the favour of consumer.

With "make the concept of detail wei yu between" ceaseless thorough, wei yu fittings produced very big change on material, colour, modelling and pattern, consumer also had bigger choice space. We should also pay attention to the following points when matching bathroom handrails:

Chrome plating: smooth, bright and durable

Chromium-plated fittings are the largest parts in the market at present. They not only have a bright and clean appearance, but also have a soft and delicate feel, and are easy to clean and durable. This kind of fittings has the protection of chromium-plated layer on the outside, and the internal material is not easy to be oxidized, so it can be kept fresh for a long time.

Stainless steel: fashionable style, delicate and fresh

Now, decorate household to pursue the fashionable style between wei yu more and more, on the basis that holds "big", the choice to fittings also pays attention very much. According to introducing, stainless steel fittings is leading contemporary fashionable style, maintained at the same time oneself unique delicate grade and pure and fresh feeling, suit the mentality of the youth that pursues vogue.

4.        Maintenance and cleaning of bathroom handrails

Maintenance of bathroom handrails

1. Develop the habit of opening doors and Windows frequently, so as to not only keep the bathroom air unimpeded, but also contribute to the health of the family, and absorb more fresh air.

2. The surface of bathroom armrest should often be wiped with soft cotton cloth and water to ensure bright luster, absolutely cannot use corrosive acid and alkali solution, also try not to use detergent cleaning.

3. If we want to decorate at ordinary times, we must not let the paint touch the bathroom armrest, because the paint has a great corrosive effect on the surface coating of the bathroom armrest. There are a lot of cleansers that change frequently on the market now, suggest everybody not to buy, they also can cause serious damage to bathroom armrest. A lot of bleach agent, cleaner, vinegar contains a lot of acid substance inside, have very strong corrosive action, suggest also do not use.

Bathroom handrail cleaning

1, with water scrubbing the bathroom handrails and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry, do not use any detergent has abrade effect, cloth or paper towel, and any detergent containing acid, the content such as polishing abrasive detergent or soap wipe the bathroom handrails surface.

2. As a result of all kinds of washing essence and shower gel used at ordinary times, the surface gloss of bathroom handrails will deteriorate and directly affect the surface quality if they remain on the chrome-plated surface for a long time. Please clean the bathroom handrail surface with a soft cloth at least once a week, preferably with a neutral cleaner.

3, for difficult to remove dirties, surface scale membrane and stains, etc., please use the mild liquid soap, colorless glass cleaning fluid or excluding effect of polishing liquid and cleaning, and then use water to clean the bathroom handrails and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.

4, can use the pure cotton wet cloth with toothpaste and soap, wipe gently, then clean with water.

5, can use the wax oil with strong decontamination ability, besmear on clean white cotton cloth, undertake thorough cleaning to whole product, cycle is 3 months commonly, can extend the life of bathroom armrest so. Keep in mind that every time you clean it, make sure to use it to wipe off the water stain, otherwise the surface of the attachment may appear water stain dirt.

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