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Abnormal phenomenon and fault RSPs of manual wheelchair
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Manual wheelchair Press The power switch, the power indicator is not lit: check the power cord and signal cable is properly connected. Check the battery for power. Check the battery box overload protection to cut off the bounce, please press it. The indicator is also displayed when the power switch is started, but the electric wheelchair is still unable to start: Check whether the clutch is in the position of "filing on".

When the car is in progress, the speed is not coordinated and the walking stop and stop: Check tire tyre pressure adequacy. Check the motor for overheating, noise or other anomalies. The power cord is loose. The controller is damaged and the factory is replaced. When the brakes are not valid: check if the clutch is in the position of "filing on". Check that the controller "rocker" is properly bouncing back to the middle position. may be damaged for brakes or clutches, please return to factory for replacement.

When the manual wheelchair does not charge properly: Please check the charger, the fuse is normal. Please check that the charging wiring is connected properly. may be excessive discharge of the battery, please add longer charge time, if still not full, please replace the battery. The battery may be damaged or aged, please replace it.